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Martijn Wubs


Open PhD position

in Optics of Interlayer Excitons. Applications only online, here. Deadline is May 30th 2021.
(April 2020)

Article on 2D quantum emitters

by Moritz Fischer et al. in Science Advances.
(February 2021)

Open PhD position

in Quantum Photonics of 2D Materials. Applications only online, here. Deadline was Jan. 15th 2021.
(December 2020)

Joined the Editorial Board

of MDPI's Nanomaterials.
(December 2020)

IOP Trusted Reviewer

(September 2020)

Open PhD and postdoc positions

in Quantum Photonics of 2D Materials. Applications only online, for PhD and for postdoc. Deadline was Aug. 30th.
(July 2020)

Joined the Editorial Board

of IOP's Journal of Optics.
(May 2020)

Open PhD position

in Nanophotonics. Deadline was Nov. 10th.
(October 2019)

Open PhD position

to explore 2D materials for integrated photonics. Deadline was Oct. 15th.
(August 2019)

PhD for Emil Cortes André

Congratulations! Thesis title: "Collective Effects in Nanolasers".
(September 2019)

PhD for Kåre Obel Wedel

Congratulations! Thesis title: "Quantum plasmons in graphene nanoribbons".
(January 2019)

PhD for Johan R. Maack

Congratulations! Thesis title: "Nonlocal response in metals and Semiconductors".
(August 2018)

Open PhD position

to explore single-photon emitters in 2D materials. Deadline was Oct. 1st.
(September 2017)

SPIE Senior Member

in the 2017 class
(July 2017)

Group leader

of the Structured Electromagnetic Materials group of DTU Fotonik.
(July 2017)

OSA Senior Member

... in the 2017 class
(May 2017)

Interim group leader

of the Structured Electromagnetic Materials group until at least June 30th 2017. Former group leader N. Asger Mortensen starts a new group at SDU in Odense.
(March 2017)

IOP Outstanding Reviewer

... Award from the Journal of Optics
(February 2017)

open postdoc position

to explore metamaterials for nanoscale quantum optics. See info and link to apply. Deadline Feb. 12th.
(January 2017)

Distinguished Referee

(January 2017)

Dr. Thomas Christensen

receives a DTU Young Researcher Award, and a Springer PhD Thesis Award. He is now a postdoc at MIT.
(October 2016)

Press release (NL and EN)

on FOM website, about Foerster transfer article written together with Willem Vos (Twente)
(May 2016)

4 open PhD positions

in Experimental and Theoretical Nanophotonics, within NATEC center. Deadline was April 1st.
(February 2016)

Thesis Prize for Søren Raza

The EPS QEOD Thesis Prize on "Fundamental Aspects" is awarded at CLEO (Munich). Congratulations!
(June 2015)

Hydrodynamic theory with electron spill-out

Electrons spill out of metal surfaces, affecting optical properties of small metal particles. See the article by G. Toscano et al. in Nature Commun.
(May 2015)

2 open PhD positions

on the theory of nanoplasmonics and nanoscale quantum optics, see info and link to apply. Deadline Dec. 10th.
(November 2014)

PhD for Søren Raza

Thesis title: "Probing plasmonic nanostructures with electron energy-loss spectroscopy".
(October 2014)

Twice in Nature ...

... Communications: Generalized nonlocal optical response in nanoplasmonics by Mortensen et al. and "Extremely confined gap surface plasmon modes excited by electrons" by Raza, Stenger, Pors et al.
(May and June 2014)

Registration open

... for the Lorentz Center workshop ``Nanoscale Quantum Optics'' (Leiden, the Netherlands, June 2-6, 2014). Register here, workshop poster here.
(March 2013)

Article accepted

... in ACS Nano. Title: Nonlocal response of metallic nanospheres probed by light, electrons, and atoms. See article by T. Christensen et al.
(January 2014)

Highly cited

... article by G. Toscano et al. listed in Top Cited Articles in Optics Express.
(January 2014)

Co-organizing a workshop

... entitled Nanoscale Quantum Optics @ Lorentz Center in Leiden, with Michiel de Dood and Andrea Fiore.
(dates: June 2-6, 2014 )

On the cover

... of Nanophotonics. See the article by Toscano et al., title: "Nonlocal response in plasmonic waveguiding with extreme light confinement".
(July 2013)

Letter accepted

... in Physical Review. Title: "Quantum optical effective-medium theory for loss-compensated metamaterials", see Letter by E. Amooghorban, N.A. Mortensen, and MW.
(published 9 April 2013)

Article accepted

... in Nanophotonics. Title: "Blueshift of the surface plasmon resonance in silver nanoparticles studied with EELS", see article by S. Raza et al.
(February 2013)

PhD for Giuseppe Toscano

Thesis title: "Semiclassical theory of nonlocal plasmonic excitation in metallic nanostructures", see also Nanoplasmonics Lab
(February 2013)

On the cover

... of Physical Review Letters. See the Letter by Blum et al., title: "Nanophotonic control of the Förster resonance energy transfer efficiency". Highlighted in Nature Materials and in Science. Popular press coverage on phys.org, nanowerk.com, BioOpticsWorld.com.
(November 2012)


... about our Phys. Rev. Letter by journalist Henrik Bendix of the danish popular science portal videnskab.dk. See "Sådan udveksler nabomolekyler energi" (danish) and forskning.no (norwegian).
(November 2011)

Best Poster Award

... won by PhD student S. Raza at the NFO12 Conference, for this poster. Title: "Effects of nonlocal response in metallic nanostructures".
(September 2012)

Article accepted

... in Plasmonics. Title: "Refractive-index sensing with ultra-thin plasmonic nanotubes", see article by S. Raza et al.
(May 2012)

Article accepted

... in Optics Letters. Title: "Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS): nonlocal limitations", see the article by G. Toscano et al.
(May 2012)

PhD student position

... available in our group at DTU Fotonik. Project title: Quantum optics of metamaterials. Deadline May 2nd.
(March 2012)

Free use of our software

... for calculating nonlocal response of metal nanowires with arbitrary shapes, as an extension to the COMSOL 4.2a RF Module. Software available on www.nanopl.org
(March 2012)

Article accepted

... in Optics Express. Title: "Modified field enhancement and extinction in plasmonic nanowire dimers due to nonlocal response". See the article by G. Toscano et al.
(January 2012)

Welcome to my website!

My name is Martijn Wubs and I am a Dutch physicist and research group leader of the Structured Electromagnetic Materials group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). This is my personal website.

With my wife and three children I live in Charlottenlund, in between DTU and downtown Copenhagen.                              

Research: Nanophotonics, quantum optics, metamaterials

  • Nanophotonics: nonlocal response and beyond in nanoplasmonics

  • Quantum optics: nanoscale quantum optics, quantum plasmonics, quantum optics in metamaterials

  • Solid-state quantum information: driven and open quantum systems, collective physics

Publications at a glance (pdfs of all articles here):

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